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The Process of Trademark Watch would keep you informed of any attempts to register the same or similar trademarks to your own.

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About this Plan

Our trademark watch service provides a simple and efficient way to protect your brand identity. Our experienced team ensures a hassle-free process.


Registering a trademark is the first step in protecting your brand name. Trademarks are symbols, which can be anything from names, images, words to labels and sounds. Registering a brand is a valuable asset for a business as it allows them to communicate their unique positioning to consumers.
Gaining full control over your marks requires careful monitoring of all possible attempts by other companies and individuals to register similar marks, even if they relate to different domains. there is. Registrars have their own rules for approving trademarks, but they need more rules to prevent similar or identical trade names from being registered. This is where international branded watch companies come into play. Stay up-to-date with similar trade names on the internet and new filings with trade mark offices in India and around the world.

Benefits of digital trademark Monitoring

  1. Protecting Brand Reputation: Digital trademark monitoring helps safeguard the reputation of a brand by identifying and addressing instances of trademark infringement. It allows companies to maintain control over their brand identity and ensure that it is not being misused or misrepresented online.
  2. Early Detection of Infringement: By monitoring digital channels, companies can identify potential trademark infringements early on. This allows them to take prompt action and mitigate the risk of extensive damage to their brand. Early detection also helps in preventing consumer confusion and maintaining brand integrity.
  3. Preventing Counterfeiting and Brand Dilution: Counterfeit products can significantly impact a brand’s revenue and customer trust. Digital trademark monitoring helps in identifying websites or online marketplaces selling counterfeit goods, allowing companies to take legal action against counterfeiters and protect their customers from fraudulent activities. Additionally, monitoring helps prevent brand dilution by identifying unauthorized use of trademarks that could diminish the distinctiveness and uniqueness of the brand.
  4. Intellectual Property Protection: Trademarks are valuable intellectual property assets. Digital trademark monitoring helps in safeguarding these assets by identifying potential trademark infringements, including unauthorized use of logos, brand names, or slogans. By monitoring online channels, companies can proactively address these infringements, protecting their intellectual property rights.
  5. Compliance with Trademark Laws and Regulations: Digital trademark monitoring helps companies ensure compliance with trademark laws and regulations. By actively monitoring and addressing infringements, companies demonstrate their commitment to protecting their trademarks and maintaining legal compliance. This can be especially important in industries with strict regulations, such as pharmaceuticals or financial services.
  6. Competitive Advantage: Monitoring digital channels for trademark infringements provides companies with a competitive advantage. It allows them to stay ahead of potential infringements, take swift action, and protect their brand reputation. By actively managing their trademarks online, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors who may not have robust monitoring practices in place.
  7. Data and Insights: Digital trademark monitoring provides valuable data and insights into the online landscape related to a brand. It can help identify emerging trends, market opportunities, and potential threats. This information can inform brand strategies, marketing campaigns, and even product development.

Types of Trademark Watch

There are three types of trademark watches. They are.

  • Identical trademark watch
  • Similar trademark watch
  • Trademark watch with opinion

What Are the Reasons for Choosing Our Trademark Watch Service? (Checklist)

We value trademarks as unique creations for promoting your brand. Hence, we design a customised digital trademark monitoring parameter to suit your unique needs while also considering your trademark watch service cost. Here is a checklist to understand why this is the best trademark watch service for you-

  • Our watch identifies similarities in word meanings. It is not restricted to mere similar/identical word matches
  • We leverage technology to identify visual and phonetic resemblances as well
  • We provide timely reports so that you can act fast to protect your intellectual property
  • We also have a user-friendly portal where you can store and review your watch reports
  • We offer cost-effective analysis
  • We offer volume discounts and affordable rates


Step 1
You discuss your business and brand with our lawyers. The lawyers recommend the variations on your brand name that need to be tracked.

Step 2
We have access to the database of all trademark filings across industries. We keep a watch on all new filings. With the help of it, we capture the mention of similar or identical brands.

Step 3
We, as a trademark watch service provider, provide you with real-time information on any attempts by other businesses and individuals to register similar trademarks, even those in other domains. This can be done in India and globally.